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prayers of the saints


  • Melissa Reed's mother (cancer). Update on treatment scheduled for today...when we got back to start treatment mom's insurance was not processed since she had just been discharged from the hospital last night. But we found out that her gene mutation information about her type of cancer will be ready in 2 days rather than another 2 weeks as we were originally told. We made a decision to wait on the the mutation results, since it could change the type of treatment plan.
  • Little Rock Nouthetics (ministry of Christ Church).
  • 2019 Re:Generation group (Thursdays).
  • Andrea Lowry and Tammy Perkins's EC Groups (Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays).
  • Missionaries we support.
  • Pray for Jaliyah Rogalla. Jaliyah has cystic fibrosis and requires daily breathing treatments. Pray for her mom Lindsey as she provides extra special care. 
  • Answer: Abba Father continues to bring the miracle of healing to clients! We are so grateful!

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