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prayers of the saints


  • Laura and Matt! Laura's due date is Saturday (4/14/2018).
  • Tomorrow (3/29/2018) at 7 am my sister, Jennifer, is having surgery to remove a growth in and around her inner ear at a Chicago hospital. Nothing is conclusive until after the surgery and testing is complete. Pray for their faith to be bolstered knowing many are praying for them
  • This past Monday, Shaumbry Patterson interviewed for a teaching position in Mayflower. Praise God, she got the job! 
  • Laura McCormick: My grandfather(dad’s dad) passed away on Wednesday. He was very excited to meet his new great grandson but I know he is whole and no longer in pain rejoicing with the Lord. Please pray for comfort and healing of hearts for my Grandmother and my dad and his sister and all of us as we navigate this next phase of life without a husband and father and sweet grandfather. We miss him dearly. Thank you.
  • Kay Robinson: Just finished great check up with surgeon. Biopsy from last surgery all clear! PTL! Right lung surgery scheduled for Friday April 6 at 7 am.! Yahoo Pls start prayers that God gives us the same wonderful outcome as 1st one. Dr Steliga is also the On Call Dr that weekend! That means God is already working on it! Thx for prayers & support! Please ask your congregation to continue their prayers for us. These results came only by God's Grace and answer to prayers by HIS faithful believers! God bless all of you!
  • Michael Bortowski's mother: She is taking chemo and doing well.
  • 2018 Re:Generation group (Thursdays).
  • Andrea Lowry's EC Group (Mondays).
  • Missionaries we support.
  • Randa Howlett's mother had stage 4 liver cancer. Prayers for miraculous healing because it will only be a touch from the Maker that will heal her. She had a rough go of it a couple weeks back and was in the hospital for over a week. They skipped chemo last week but she got a port put in yesterday. She is good at the moment. We are just spending time planning a getaway. I have an exam coming up that, assuming I pass, will qualify me for a new position at the company. Need time to study and hopefully pass on the first try.
  • Pray for Jaliyah Rogalla. Jaliyah has cystic fibrosis and requires daily breathing treatments. Pray for her mom Lindsey as she provides extra special care. 
  • Cooper Lumpkin: Seminary and preparation for the mission field.

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