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prayers of the saints


  • Update: Lee Curry is much better! This is a direct answer to prayer. Lee is how recognizing all family members and talking coherently. Praise God!
    Karla Curry-Case's son Lee is being airlifted to St. Vincents Little Rock. Possible meningitis. 
  • Andrea Lowry's father had a stroke. He is at home. 
  • Michael Bortowski's mother is recovering from a stroke. Pray she regains speech and movement on left side. 
  • This past Monday, Shaumbry Patterson interviewed for a teaching position in Mayflower. Praise God, she got the job! 
  • Michael Bortowski's mother: She is taking chemo and doing well.
  • 2018 Re:Generation group (Thursdays).
  • Andrea Lowry's EC Group (Mondays).
  • Missionaries we support.
  • Randa Howlett's mother had stage 4 liver cancer. Prayers for miraculous healing because it will only be a touch from the Maker that will heal her. She had a rough go of it a couple weeks back and was in the hospital for over a week. They skipped chemo last week but she got a port put in yesterday. She is good at the moment. We are just spending time planning a getaway. I have an exam coming up that, assuming I pass, will qualify me for a new position at the company. Need time to study and hopefully pass on the first try.
  • Pray for Jaliyah Rogalla. Jaliyah has cystic fibrosis and requires daily breathing treatments. Pray for her mom Lindsey as she provides extra special care. 
  • Cooper Lumpkin: Seminary and preparation for the mission field.

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