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Our Marriage Survey is now available online. Randy and Nedra Sharp with the help of Tommy and Brooke Leitmeyer, have developed an anonymous survey to help identify needs in married couples as well as those preparing for marriage. The survey is anonymous and will take just a few minutes. 

Online marriage survey (anonymous)


“Draw me after you and let us run together!"

Song of Solomon 1:4

One of the most sacred and life-changing relationships we can have is found in marriage. All of us have heard stories of marriages that sound like fairy tales with happy-ever-after endings. And yet, all too often we have heard stories of marriages that failed and caused great pain in the lives of the families and especially the young children involved. Christ Church is committed to preparing believers for Biblical Christian marriage between one man and one woman. 

Christ Church is committed to helping married couples experience the healing wisdom of wives honoring their husbands and husbands loving their wives as Christ has loved the church. Marriage is God's idea and marriage by His design works! When we follow His purposes for marriage and allow His Spirit to help us incarnate His Gospel in relationship to our spouse, marriage becomes wonderful and fulfilling beyond words.


Our facilities are not open to the public for the practice of religious and non-religious rituals or events

that are not compatible with our doctrinal statement. Christ Church has supporting policies associated with our private Christian wedding ceremony-worship rituals and only practices the Biblical model of Christian marriage between one man and one woman until separated by death (Genesis 1-2; Matthew 5; 19; Ephesians 5; Colossians 3; Hebrews 13:4). 

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christian MARRIAGE

There is nothing quite like being in love and preparing for Christian marriage! Christ Church of Central Arkansas is committed to helping couples prepare for God’s wonderful purpose and design in marriage and the family. The Unpack Your Bags: Preparing for the Life-Changing Relationship of Marriage in Christ wedding application and pre-marriage counseling series is an important part of starting well in preparing for marriage! Why? Because we are dealing with your marriage! We are not dealing with a decision to buy a goldfish or where to buy your next cup of coffee. This is your marriage. The decision to marry will redefine you and change you. It will set up a series of life changes that will last for generations. We are profoundly obligated to take your marriage seriously and do our best to prepare you for the privileges and responsibilities of being husband and wife. Submitting this wedding application does not imply acceptance or approval into the counseling program. Pastor Chris will review the application, marital history, and consult with parents, pastors, Best Man, and Maid of Honor before accepting the ministry of preparing the couple for the life-changing relationship of marriage in Christ. It is best for applications to be submitted at least one year to eight months prior to the date of the ceremony.

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